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Size: neutral / 15 x 18
Wood color: finished pine

Fruit | Hanging Canvas Sign | Kitchen Decor

Size options (measurement of canvas without the string):
15"x18", 19.5"x23", 25.5"x30"

The frame is wooden and hung with a white string.
The background is high-quality matte white or neutral canvas fabric.
The lettering is printed directly onto the canvas.
Made in the USA

Why choose Cherie Kay:
We sincerely believe that you will love your sign! We stand behind our product 100% and are here to take care of you and offer you amazing customer service.
If there's anything you are not happy with we will do whatever we can to make it right!

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Unfortunately, we do not do custom orders.

Customer Reviews

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Love this artwork! The shipping method was mindful so it did not come creased. Very cute little fruits!